I’m an avid photographer with an eye for the perfect picture. Raised in the peaceful city of Fuding, I graduated from Xiamen University in Journalism and Communication. During my tenure at University College London, I took up MA film studies and used blogging to show off my passion. By blog cultivated my interest in fashion and travel. In 2014, I nurtured my love for photography by acquiring a Photography Professional Practice and Academic Portfolio course at Central Saint Martins. 


I love to travel around the world, creating lifestyle articles for my audiences. Travelling reserves a very special place in my heart because I get to capture the most diverse landscape and people by focusing the lens of my 

Rolleiflex 2.8F. 


My photography draws inspiration from art and literature, with a hundred stories to tell behind a seemingly still picture. What sets my work apart from other photography is the cacophony I bridge between a picture and the story behind it. My expertise lies in romantic and artistic portraiture, a hundred words embedded in combination of pixels. My works are deeply nostalgic, leaving viewers with a sense of longing for the unknown, a quality that finds its roots in my childhood.


Photography is an art. It speaks of stories untold, infused in the mere glint in the eye or the hint of a smile playing at the corner of someone’s lips. That’s what my photography is all about: building portraits around a story. 


With sufficient expertise and an unfettered passion, I initiated Ivy Lin Photography as lead photographer and art director. My work revolves around high quality fashion portraits and relaying first class client services. My dedication and commitment to photography shines through in every project and I have made a conscious effort to keep that as a foundation for my company.