Lack a general sense of belonging, is my Achilles' Heel. In China, it's notably harder for a woman like me who grew up in a small place, to get to this far. Within a fishermen-concentrated community, people will treat you like a damn ALIEN if you are a girl and dare to have a dream. Growing up with that, my hometown had paved me an outrageously muddy path which I’ve been forced to travel alone for years when, almost all the other girls I knew from there are constrained, physically and psychologically, educated, nurtured and expected to be fragile and submissive, to be somebody’s property sooner or later. It’s tough and sad. Later on, as traveling started to play a major theme of my life, I’ve been traveling around China and the world, to find my being, my deed, my purpose and my belonging. Along the way, from China to the UK, I was once lost but then found by my husband and then saved by my daughter. 

I am an idealist whose self and ego are bred by the harsh reality, lessons, experiences, either the softest or the hardest. Geographical disadvantage, deeply sexist community, crawling out from a destination which I would never be happy, standing firmer I react, like an accomplished master I spit on the overwhelming adversity. I don’t bend. Within such context, my work embraces a unique sensation of the psychological condition of The Stranger mentioned by German Philosopher Georg Simmel, due to traveling, cultural shock, modernization, and globalization. Recently due to my father’s illness, I am required to take round trips between Fuding and London constantly, where the experience somehow has enhanced my notion of human interaction and relation. With a second-hand Rolleiflex 2.8f I founded at a vintage market, and the Portra 400 from Kodak, all of my pieces were taken with natural light, aiming at sealing the moment into a world constrained in size 6X6, aiming at offering a flash of vide to the ordinary family life, and aiming at finding myself a position where I can play both the observer and the participant.

Furthermore, recently through working closely with a friend, I am in the middle of finding an artistic expression with a project focuses on the interpretation of humanity with a natural approach, aiming at uncovering the real correlation between human being as a whole and the nature as a provider offers countless possibilities. The video work within my portfolio gives a brief example of this project, where all the visible matters including the people, the scene, the color, the sea, as well as the wind, are sons and daughters of nature. Is that the most beautiful thing? I don’t know. But it is indeed the purest.    

In short, it’s about me, my notion of life and the world, plus love - a lot of love.